The Best Investment You can Ever Make

I remember reading from the interviews in Tony Robbins book, Money Master the Game, when he interviewed, I believe Ray Dalio, and asked him what was the most worthy investment that he had ever made. He simply answered, “Myself”.

Something that I have noticed through my study of successful people is that they are obsessed with becoming better. Even though they are already at their pinnacle of success, they keep striving to improve.

Warren Buffet reads 300-500 pages everyday. Before Tony Robbins became a motivational speaker, he read hundreds of books on psychology. I mean does anyone think its strange that most of the people that give out book recommendations are successful people?

They also are very willing to spend money when it is on their self-development. The owner of Project Life Mastery, Stefan James, he commonly buys seminars and spends thousands of dollars on himself to go to events to never stop learning, when he is already a multi-millionaire.

I am a frugal person, but books were something that I would always splurge on. However, I now realize that even that is too frugal. If I could have changed one thing over the last couple of years, especially after making the money that I had, I wish I spent more on myself. This last 365 days, I spent over $2000 on myself.

I bought a new DSLR camera, camera equipment, lighting, books(so many), and now, I am starting a new program that I purchased for about $800. You are constantly in a goldmine of opportunity, and today, because of the internet, people have made courses that you can purchase that will help you find the gold.

I highly recommend that you take yourself more seriously, and start investing in yourself seriously. What is the point of holding onto all that money, if you were to spend a couple hundred bucks here and there to make you thousands, wouldn’t you do it? And let’s say you lose that money, you can always make it back.

Take some risks. And by the end, you will realize that those things you thought were risks, were not risks at all, but sound investments instead.

It’s that simple,



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