One Brick at a Time

Staying the path. Not getting in your own way.

Yesterday, when I was writing this, a simpleton reached out to me for help. They were very stressed out and was panicking due to an exam that they had to take the next day. One that they were not ready for. Funny how life works, we only start panicking once things start building up. If it was only this exam, then I believe they would have been fine, but the other part was that their grades were also poor, and so a lot was at stake for this exam.

They reached out to me, because they wanted motivation to study. Now you might be saying, what I stated earlier should have been motivation enough, but the task was so daunting to them that it stopped them in their tracks, and they were at a mental wall of sorts.

At first, I tried to remind them of things they already knew. I told them about the opportunities that they have, and how people would literally kill to be in the same situation. I reminded them about how motivation should not be depended on, because motivation comes and goes, instead build habits. Through our conversations it was clear to me that I was getting nowhere with this person, because they were too much in their own way. And so I tried a different approach…

I just told them to act.

To proceed.

They got angry.

I said good, now use that anger and proceed.

This type of conversation went for about 5 minutes, until they got frustrated and started to ignore me.

Fast forward the next day. They text me saying that they were sorry for their attitude, and that they started studying.

The reason that they were unable to get themselves to study has two parts. One, they got in their own way with their beliefs as well as their dependence on motivation. The second part was that they were trying to be perfect. They wanted to get a perfect score right from the beginning. Learn everything right from the beginning. This is a problem that most people do not realize that they have. But how does one build the perfect wall? By placing one perfect brick at a time.

Do not get in your own way. And if you are trying to build something great, you have to start one brick at a time.

It’s that simple,


p.s. props to Will Smith


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