Life is Patterns

The more I live life, the more patterns I see in this world. And I feel as though the successful people are the ones that take advantage of the patterns and search for more.

For example, learning or working on something. I realized that learning something or working on something, there is a threshold, or a barrier in the beginning that needs to be broken through before the progress is made and things become easier. However, if people did not know this, then they are more likely to give up, because of how difficult the task is at the beginning. But if you knew this pattern from the beginning, you would keep going, because you knew that the difficulty would subside, and that it was just part of the process of learning/working.

This pattern is true for almost all things in life. Hard in the beginning, but it gets easier. Once I say it like that, then people know it to be true, but we forget to apply the knowledge, and we get lost in the seemingly impossibility of the task that is before us. Pattern recognition will pave your way.

The same goes for the dating patterns for men and women.

When it comes to beautiful women, I have noticed that they “shit test” the men that approach them, and all the man has to do is pass the tests, and then they can start dating. However, if the man does not know this(most men don’t by the way), then they might mistakenly think that the girl is mean, a bitch, stuck up, or some other wrong description.

Women need to make sure that they will be able to depend on you when shit hits the fan. And when they are shit testing you, they are basically thinking, “If you can’t pass my tests, how the hell are you going to test me when a real man tries to hurt me?”, women are weeding through, and trying to separate the boys from the men.

What counts as attractive is also a pattern that is different for both genders, and if you knew those patterns, you would know what markers to hit to instantly become more attractive.

Anything you want in life, there has been enough people to pave the way for you. Pay attention, look for the answer, and you will find the way.

It’s that simple.



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