Where I believe the future is heading

The internet marked the biggest change ever made in history. It has given power to the individual. And I believe that power is here to say, because it is much harder to make someone give up power when you have already given it to them. And look at what the power has done to us.

Because of how much information we have gotten access too, the best users, the millennial generation, have become entitled, and have developed grandiose views of themselves and what they deserve.  We think we deserve things without actually earning them. We believe that the world should cater to our every need, and that we know better than everyone else. A sick side effect of power. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

However, this is not a post to rant on about the poison that is infecting society. Instead, I am going to give advice based on predictions that I will make.

Because of how much power the individual has been given, that power will only increase. The old time ways of becoming successful will fade away, and the new way will highly based on influenced based on social media. Although this is true today, it will become evidently more true in the future.  To the point where our children will depend on the number of followers that they have in order to succeed in life. Most likely, 0due to online education, college degrees will be things that students can get at a much earlier age, and seeing children and teenagers with PHD’s will be much more common. This will make the job market intensely more competitive, and so the influence that you have on social media will become much more important.

So what does this mean for you?

I would start putting yourself out there. It does not mean you have to start a youtube channel and make videos, but you should find your medium, and stick to it. Whether it be instagram, twitter, a podcast, or a blog, find a way to expand your influence, because your very success may depend on it.

Now of course these are just speculations, but if things continue to go the way that they are going, I see no other outcome.

It’s that simple,




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