Investing in Yourself

As I was writing this, I had about 2 months left before I graduate. Obviously there were a lot of things that were going through my mind, but the biggest thing that was in my head was what the hell I was going to do after I graduated.

There was a lot of things that I juggled with, but I realized that I was in a very good position, because of the prestige of the school I went to, my gpa, and my general life experience, so I feel as though I was blessed for that.

I wanted to prepare before I actually went out into the world, however, one thing got in my way. I did not want to spend money.

In order to teach abroad, you need something called a TEFL certificate. It costs a little over a $100 to take the course online, and is required by all the best companies.

I started looking for companies that did not require them, but they were in positions that I did not want to be in. And so, I was in this dilemma of wondering what I should do. The kicker is that I had well over $100 to pay for the tuition.

I am just not use to spending that much money on myself. Ever since I was homeless, and the experiences I had 5-2 years ago, where I was always hovering between having a little money to no money, it scarred me into a frugal lifestyle. And this lifestyle is what led me to save up my money, have 5 digits in my bank account, invest in securities, and has allowed me to have a sound mental state. On the downside, I also became extremely reluctant to spend money. Which I think is a good thing, and I am glad that I have it, but the next part of my journey is also knowing when to spend money, and what to spend money on.

I remember an interview that I was reading in Tony Robbins book, Money Master the Game, where he asked one of the billionaires/finance wizards what his most worth investment was, and he/she replied, “Myself”. Whether it be books, seminars, online classes, or just time you set aside to develop yourself, they advised that the one investment that will give you the highest return was the investments that you placed in yourself.

And so, after contemplating for months, I have finally convinced myself to spend the money, and I have started taking the class since. And this decision, which may sound small to some, was huge for me. And now, I am preparing to spend a lot more money on classes that I am very excited about. Of course I am saving up for them, even though I have more than enough money to buy multiple classes, I am going to save up while I am taking the TEFL classes, and just start taking more risks.

This is a very exciting time in my life, and I can’t wait to see how things turn out.

Let’s invest in ourselves~



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