Making your Mind Work

In the world that we are living in now, things have become automated, and more and more, things are getting done for us. Today, we live in an era where we can find instant gratification at the touch of a button. And I think this is great, we should be trying to progress and innovate as much as possible. However, one downside is the losing of opportunities to use our brains.

One thing that I am sure is having a negative effect on me is that less and less do I find reasons to remember things. Now, I can have my phone remember everything for me. I also do not have to do simple arithmetic anymore, because often times, the websites, the apps, etc will do all the calculations for me. It is easy and great that all this is done for me, but if I continue to stop using these muscles, then undoubtedly they will atrophy. Maybe even until the point I can’t use them any more.

Today’s post will be a short post, but just memorize and do simple arithmetic more often.

Do 5 math problems a day.

Memorize 5 things a day. (Helps if its a language you are trying to learn.

51 x 23

56 x 41

12 x 134

52 x 65

89 x 23

Have fun



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