Finding a Female Role Model

There is a stereotype that successful women can not get married. Often times they are perceived to be ugly, too hard-headed, or generally a bitch, and I believe there is a strong reason to why this became a stereotype, most likely because there was some truth to the statement. And so, I largely believed it.

Now of course you can find the beautiful actresses or super models, but I was not looking for someone that used their genetics to achieve their success. I wanted to find someone that had the looks, but instead opted for innovation and intense hard work.

I was looking for a woman that had it all, looks, personality, wealth, and determination. I wanted someone who had all the traits, but in a balance that caused a beautiful harmony. I honestly thought I would never find one, because of the high order, but eventually, I did.

Introducing, Sara Blakely.

I found her by chance on the youtube channel of Lewis Howes, and he has a podcast where he interviews successful peple. Sara Blakely had done an interview with him, and I randomly clicked on the video. And when I watched it, I was blown away. I thought to myself. . .

Now that’s a woman.

She was beautiful. I’m going to let her do the talking, and ladies, I recommend using her as a role model.


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