My Grandfather’s Toast

I remember when I was child, maybe around 13 or so, I visited my grandparent’s and aunt’s place, they use to live together back then. One of my most fondest memories I have of them is a simple routine that my grandfather and I shared.

My grandfather and I were both early risers. Every morning, he would wake up early and he would come down stairs, and he would do some light stretching. Mostly his feet. Then, he would take his walkerman radio and go for a walk. I would go along with him, and we would just walk around in peaceful silence. Of course he played his radio a little too loudly through his headset, but it was still a very serene experience.

After the walk, he would come back into the house, and then he would go straight into the kitchen. And usually he would make a fruit smoothie, he was quite health conscious, and then he would make some toast for himself with his smoothie. He would make enough smoothie for everyone in the house, by the way.

However, since I was there, he would make some toast for me as well. He would toast 2 pieces of white bread. He would get some butter(fake butter) and some orange marmalade(better than grape jam). He would spread it, cut it in half, and then give me 2 pieces of perfect toast. It was the best toast I ever had in my life.

This memory of mine is pure happiness.

My grandfather was the first time I was exposed to unconditional love, and so I am attached to him. The way that he would make toast, allow me to walk with him, and just silently enjoy my company, it was some of the first experiences I had of being with someone that wanted me to be there.

The experience was healing, it was calming, it was everything that I needed.

This was a memory that I had long forgotten, but now that I remember, I feel so much better. Keep these memories in the forefront of your brain, so you remember who you are, and what you truly desire.

It’s that simple,


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