Using Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring Suite

I bought Jordan Peterson’s self authoring suite last week, and have been using it on a nearly daily basis. I decided that since a lot of people have been talking about him lately(when I was writing this post at least), and have been wondering about this site’s effectiveness in particular, I would review it myself. I am about 1/3 done with the program, and so I can only talk about what I have completed so far.

As far as I can see, it is extremely effective, but in a sad way. It reminds of us things that we should already know by doing things that we should have already been doing. I wrote down my goals.  I wrote down why they were important to me. How I would achieve them When I want to achieve them by. And if any obstacles came by, how I would deal with those obstacles. Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Workweek and Tony Robbin’s Personal Power does a similar version to this, but each have their own distinct personal flair, I would highly recommend both books.

The best parts of the program that I have completed so far is definitely the creation of Heaven/hell and the selection of virtues.

The Heaven/hell portion of the program makes you create your own personal vision of a heaven and hell. Meaning, what would your future look like if you did not go after your goals, and you just allowed life to take over? That you would be your hell. And then, what would your life like if you did go after your goals and life went well for you? That would be your heaven. The effectiveness of this exercise is that the amount of visualization you do for this exercise gives you a tool to use outside of the program.

Whenever you do something that is not effective, not goal-oriented, a waste of time, then you know that you are getting closer to hell. It may not be 100% effective in making you a better person, but it has a noticeable effect. And I can use all the help I can get.

I am currently on the virtue section of the program, where I select character traits that I value and believe have had an important impact on my life. In this section you are required to choose between a large list of virtues, and you have to shrink your selections more and more, until you finally have a list of about 10 virtues that you believe are core to your being, and believe to be integral to the positive outcomes in your life.

After you have selected those virtues, you then dissect each one, and remember times when you displayed such virtues. This portion I believe will be deeply revealing, and reveal to us the why behind our thinking.

Overall, I think this program is worth the $30  and many times over. I would recommend the program to everyone.

It’s that simple,



2 thoughts on “Using Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring Suite

  1. I’ve completed the future authoring portion of self authoring. It’s been super helpful for me, so, like you, I just posted my review of it. Have you just done the present-virtues part? I decided to do the future first, and I’m currently working through the past authoring.

    Future authoring helped me get crystal clear on my goals, and I review it weekly to make sure that I’m staying on track. I’ve done a lot of similar journaling and the like in the past, but knowing that this was created by people who really know what they’re doing, and the fact that I spent money on this thing has helped me to “buy-in” and go for it with the goals I’ve uncovered for myself.

    Best of luck to you on your journey of self improvement!


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