Exploring Pain III

There is a single thought that I had in my head when I was a child that I believe was a great blessing. I knew hardship was a great source for wisdom. I do not remember exactly how I knew this, but I am pretty sure it came from my studying of the bible, or listening to speeches given by people that went through hell in their own lives.

I remember when I was a teenager, when I still believed in my religion, I prayed for hardship. And the thing with life is, you never really have to ask for it, it will come if you just stay put. And the funny thing is, hardship attracts hardship. Pain attracts pain. Weakness attracts weakness. Which is true throughout life, only if you do not put in effort to make things different. If you allow life to give you what’s naturally coming for you, then this will happen.

In the span of maybe 5 minutes, I lost all my money, I became homeless, lost all connection with the people I knew, I was hungry, had not water, and lost all hope.

Sadly, I have been homeless multiple times before. However, the last time would be the longest. This was probably the lowest I have ever been in my life, and was the darkest period. However, the single thought that comforted me was, “Not only am I going to make it out of this, I am going to be stronger because of it.”

This single event in my life is the sole cause for all the self improvement I have ever accomplished. Because of the dark period, the hell I went through I was able to do the following things,

  • Read approximately 300-600 books (I lost count)
  • Had 3 different careers.
  • Got published in a magazine, and had my short story voted as the number 1 favorite in that issue.
  • Got accepted into one of the top 5 universities in the world.
  • Learn how to fight.
  • Have the best health of my life, and a body fat percentage of around 6%.
  • Create a close group of friends.

It is without a doubt, from my experience, and the experience of others, great pain can cause either great destruction or great success. The only thing that will cause the difference is the person’s reaction to it. I was lucky enough, even without knowing this, to know that every hardship was an opportunity to grow.

So let’s say you are going through that hardship right now, understand that it is an opportunity for you to grow, and you better do so, because your life quite literally depends on it. What else are you going to do? Choose destruction? People actually choose destruction willingly, and it is understandable, because with destruction, you do not have to make any choices, you just have to wait and it will come for you. And when you go to a place where you are in a lot of pain because of your choices, and then ask your self to make some more choices, it is easy to understand why you might refuse and just allow yourself to get destroyed. However, what most people do not understand is, and it is really quite simple if you gave it some thought.

If you are already at a point of destruction, almost any choice will lead you to a better place. Why? Because you hit rock bottom, and you can’t get any lower, that is the definition of rock bottom. You want to know the first thing I book I read when I was homeless? It was not even a self-help book or even a nonfiction book. It was the last book of the hunger games. But that book led me to the next book, and the next book, then I began to wonder if there was a list of must read books, and after reading that list, I went to another one, and then another one, and the cycle has continued all the way until today.

There is an even crazier part.

Most people do not make choices, not because they have no idea what to do, but because they know exactly what they need to do, but because the task is so daunting and scary, they choose to be destroyed instead.

If you are in such pain, my bet is, you know what you have to do, or at least have some idea of where to look. All people have that. You just have to push yourself to do it. And one way to go about doing that is starting off small.

Clinical psychologists do this all the time to help people get over their fears. They start with the smallest form of their fear, the smallest point where the fear is still there, but the person is able to cope and get over it.

Think hard, and think of the smallest version of the task that you can do, and go do task. And the great thing about life, the great thing about completing tasks, once you complete a task, it gets easier to complete the next one. Why? Momentum.

I went from reading one book every 2 weeks, to reading a book a week, to reading a book every 3 days, to reading 5 books at a time. OF course this took a lot of time, but the longest period were the first two stages, and the last stages happened almost immediately.

Minimize the things that you have to do in order to get out of the hell that you have placed yourself in(you did place yourself there, you have to take responsibility of your position or you will not get anywhere), and then you have to start. And it will get easier and easier as you keep going. And you will find yourself in a much better place, and you will be stronger than you could have ever imagined.

It’s that simple,


This concludes this series, if I think of anything else on pain I will make another post, or if you guys have any questions please ask them down below, and do not forget to check out my youtube channel!



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