The Lies You Tell Yourself

If there was one aspect of all Dragon Ball Z characters that was shared, it would be honesty. And I am not just talking about honesty between each other, but more importantly, an honesty within. They know who they are. They know their weaknesses, where they stand, and what they can provide. This creates a well-oiled machine of super powered combatants.

Like I mentioned in my recent post, if you want to improve, you have to first isolate yourself. The reason for doing so, and the reason why most people do not do so, is because you have to first gain an honest understanding of who you are.  This is very scary because you have to face the fact that you have weaknesses, big gaping ones that you never even knew about. And on top of that, it will be painful, if there are lies that you told yourself.

Some of these lies can be,

“You are good with women/men”

“You are smarter than most people”

“You have it particularly harder than most people”(which is almost never true btw)

“You are more mature or more responsible”

Whatever the lie may be, if you truly dedicate yourself to self-improvement, then you will shatter the image you had of yourself, and that is a scary/painful thing. However, whatever you image you had of yourself truly becomes attainable. Before, when you already thought you had it, it was impossible for you, because you were in your own way, but now that you have removed your ego, you can actually become what you tricked yourself into thinking that you already are(funny how life works)!

I have quarreled with so many of these lies that it is not even funny. When I was a kid, I thought I was tough and knew how to fight. But the only kids I fought were other kids that thought the same, but never actually knew anything. And that image was destroyed completely as soon as I took my first step into my Muay Thai gym.

When I was in high school, I thought I was smart. I was in advance classes, but I was getting horrible grades. And even then, I still thought that I was smart. However, it was only until senior year of high school, when I became homeless, when I finally woke up, and truly began to learn. The transition I made from being a non-reader to an avid reader was, without a doubt, the BIGGEST change I ever made in my life. If you have a question, there is book out there to answer it.

I thought I was good with women. However, this one is a strange one. I knew I was horrible at the beginning, and so, like I said in the previous paragraph, I began to read books to help me with women. And after I started making huge amounts of progress, I got satisfied. And so I stopped learning, and fast forward almost 2 years without trying to sharpen my skills, I lost almost everything.

If you want to improve in life, you have to first not get in your own way. Isolate yourself, and discover the chinks in your armor. It will hurt, and it will be scary, but you’ll get use to it, and you will come out the person of your dreams.

It’s that simple,



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