Exploring Dragon Ball Z: Krillen

Everyone’s favorite and least favorite character. He seems to be the character to show how strong the main villain is. He gets destroyed by Freeza. He gets destroyed by Cell. He gets eaten by Majin Buu. However, if we dig further, I believe there is a lot more to his character than being a mere gauge for strength.

From Rival to Best Friend

KrillinBU01.png 2.png

This is Krillen from his early days in Dragon Ball. He was a buddhist monk, and was training along side Goku under the tutelage of Master Roshi. They were rivals for a certain time, and they pushed each other past their limits. If Goku is the embodiment of natural talent combined with hard work. Krillen is the embodiment of hard work and hard work.

Without the natural fighting blood of the sayian race, Krillen still found ways to catch up with Goku(when he was a kid). The first lesson to be learned here is the power of practice and dedication.

I also want to pay close attention to the nature of the relationship between Goku and Krillen. Goku often calls Krillen his best friend. They started from rivals, and they ended up as best friends. This gives a crucial insight to how brotherhoods and sisterhoods are made– through hardship.

When I was a chef, my fellow chefs and I were tight as rope because of the hell we endured. And one of my fondest memories was just sitting outside eating family meal(that’s what we called the food), and simply just resting together, not saying a word. Those moments could have only been created by the hell we went together in that kitchen.

The tightest of bonds can only be made by the hottest of fires. The hell that Goku and Krillen went through together, it forced them to get close. They both had the same goal in mind, to get stronger(than the other), and they had each other to get there. The same goes with life. Teams are not made by just the people. A team can only be a strong team if they face and defeat adversity TOGETHER.

If you look at soldiers that have been deployed, even if their deployments are over, soldiers will volunteer to stay, not because they want to, but because they feel a loyalty to their brothers, and a responsibility to stay behind to make sure that their brothers make it safe back home.

Krillen is the embodiment of brotherhood.

And the topping on the cake is, he is the strongest human on earth. So let that sink in.

You can do it too, you just have to work as hard as Krillen. And he worked harder than anyone. Get after it.



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