Playing the Fool

There is an aspect of starting something new that I believe I have not paid enough attention to. I have always talked about the importance of starting something new, but I never talked about what it is actually like, and how you should approach a very important aspect. When you start something new, you are going to be a fool. You are going to feel like a fool. That is simply because you are a fool.

You have to accept that. And when you start things, whatever it is, you have to have the understanding that you are not as good as you are going to be. That is powerful understanding to have, because it foreshadows a level of commitment and progress that you have tied yourself down for.

And not only should you be a fool, you have to be one. There are people that hate being a novice, looking stupid, or less than superior, and so they stick with what they know. But guess what, it always comes back to bite them. Why? Because, life will always come to test you, and if you never push yourself, if you never push your boundaries, then you are going to be in for a ride. It will be painful, and far more humbling or embarrassing then being a fool in starting something new.

You should not start something new for the sake of it, you should start something new, also because your quality of life will depend on it. You are always either growing or dying, there is not staying where you are. The person that is too afraid to look like a fool, they are always declining. You must prevent yourself from doing so.

Being a fool is also where most of the growth occurs. There is no better state to learn when nothing about the particular subject is known. The basics are the points on the map that will help you maneuver around the new world.

Be the fool.

It’s that simple,



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