Being the King

I constantly tell you guys on this blog how scary it is that we have so much power over our own lives. It is something that I keep forgetting and reminding myself, and it scares me every time. And it truly is a scary thought, because before having the knowledge, you think that your destiny is not up to you.

Maybe it was up to your parents, your schooling, your teachers, your environment, your God, but then you notice that, no, it is your actions, you who determine where you will be, who you will become, then you , all of a sudden, have the burden. It is up to you to decide whether you will succeed or not. And it’s scary because of the sheer amount of responsibility you have, that’s why people shy away and hang out in their parent’s basements, because it is scary. And I’m not here to tell you to get over that fear, I do not think that is what life is about.

I’m here to tell you to live that fear everyday. There is a reason why we have fear. It is our body’s way of telling us about the unknown. And we need to live in the unknown, but we also need to live in what we know.  There was a famous model of utopia created by a Russian philosopher, and he was talking about how if you gave people everything they want and needed. Everybody had cake to eat, there was never any want or need, then what would they do? The conclusion was that people would be so absent of purpose that the only purpose they would find would be death. Because, if everything is known, then humans don’t have purpose, and you would go insane or kill yourself because of how mundane and seemingly useless life would be.

The same goes for the unknown. If you lived in a world where you did not understand anything, then it would seem equally meaningless to live, because again, what can you do?

This is why you need to live in a balance of the known and the unknown. And our own biology reflects this. The right side of our brains hemisphere largely deals with what is unknown, whereas the left side deals with what is known, this is a oversimplified explanation, but it is useful. And the optimum way to live would be to equally stimulate both sides of the brain.

The most honorable leaders, kings, emperors, etc are not the ones that did what they knew. No they were the ones that lived in fear, but was able to effectively overcome it with what they knew and learned. It is through that being uncomfortableness, the living in fear where true learning beings. This is why the kings that conquered, or the ones that created a time of peaceful prosperity are the ones that are celebrated.

You are your king, and you are given a chance, one chance as far as I know, to create the best kingdom you can. And you might think to yourself, “Why bother?”. If you believe in a religion, and you believe in a greater good, a good that surpasses humans, then the question might be more easily answerable, and lead you to create the best kingdom you can. But if you are an atheist, then you might think to yourself that in the overall end, it is meaningless.

Well, not really. Being an atheist does not mean you do not believe in anything. There are things like justice, humanity, love, ideas that you believe in. There are things that you believe in to just function as a human, like your senses, the people you trust. And sure, when in comfort, it is easy to say that in the grand scheme of the universe things do not really matter. And you can give me the stat of how human existence is a mere blip in the history of existence itself, but in a way that is belief itself.

To equate short living, or lack of universal impact as equity to prove meaninglessness is a belief. You have to believe that if you are not a grand, then you are without meaning. And okay, you are free to believe that, but why would you? Would life be any better that way? Or would life be better focusing on the now? And is that view of the world more true?

I mean, what if you were to look at the grandness of the universe, and the short existence of human life as achievement. Look at how much we were to achieve in such a short amount of time, does that mean anything? And what about the other people, should you not be the best king you can? I feel like that there is purpose there. That there is meaning there.

There is no conclusion to these types of thoughts, but there does not have to be. To merely continue to explore the unknown is what gives us humans life. And so, you should keep exploring.

It’s that simple,



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