Regaining Confidence

Due to some personal circumstances, I have been at a bit of a low when it came to my confidence. I was not at the level I once was, and so, I found things that were once easy and natural to me, to be quite difficult. I knew this, and I have been trying things to get back to where I was, and everything I did was futile. And it was only until recently that I was able to get some quality of confidence I once had back, and my method is what I am going to be sharing with you today.

One of the books I read this week was called Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey. It deals with a rudimentary knowledge of subjects that all men need to know(finances, talking to women, health, retirement, real estate, etc). And although much of it was review, sometimes in life, you have to be reminded of things that you always knew. Because there are types of knowledge that only have power when at the forefront of your mind.

The particular piece of data was the fact that I am catch. I had to remind myself that I am someone that women would want. I am one of the last remaining gentlemen on earth, I can speak multiple languages, I know how to fight, I am good with money, and I have a nice body. And all these things combined create a person that I have buried in the back of my head. I kept telling myself that I was a piece of shit for the things that I have done in the past. I was too stuck in the past, and it showed in my confidence. It is time to be in the now.

There were a lot of other things that the book reminded me of, which is why I am recommending every man, and even better if you’re younger, to buy the book. It will provide a general guideline that all men need, especially in today’s society where masculinity is being condemned.

Enhance yourself. Become better. Live in the moment.

It’s that simple,



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