How to Deal with Rejection

In the past 3/4 years of self improvement, one thing that I got a lot of is rejections. Whether it be from modeling jobs, acting gigs, girls, general job interviews, and everything in between. I have gathered a plethora of rejections, and have probably dealt with more rejections than most people ever will.

You are going to get rejected. No matter how good you are at interviews, not matter how you look, how you communicate, there is always going to be that one person that can not connect with you, or will not like you. It is inevitable. Now this doesn’t mean that improving your interview skills are futile, you definitely should(shameless plug: Job Interview Strategies). However, when you get those rejections, here is how to deal with it honestly.

First thing that you should do is make sure that you have options. Meaning, if you have a job interview, try to schedule 3 more. If it’s a girl/boy, make sure you have other prospects. Try to have more options, so that if you get rejected, the first thing you can remind yourself, is that you have options.

The Hard Truth

You always have options. Whether they are not physically placed on a calendar or not, you always have options. Just because you get rejected by one company or one person, there are literally a nearly infinite amount of other places/people to explore. Which leads me to my next truth.

Be thankful, because they just made your life easier, by making your list shorter.

Meaning, life is hard enough with all the choices that you can make. And by getting rejected, the company or that person has just made it easier by crossing themselves off your list of choices. Now notice what I am doing is not telling myself a lie to make myself feel better, but rather telling myself the truth in a more positive frame. This gives my thoughts more rapport, and therefore strength to affect how I feel, which ultimately makes me feel better.

In short, when rejected, have options and be thankful.

In shorter, when rejected, be thankful.

In shortest, just be thankful.

You life is a gift. It is a gift for you to be able to experience anything the way you do. To be able to experience rejection with all your limbs, with your sight, with your hearing, with anything really.

Just be grateful, because it is impossible to be angry and grateful at the same time.

It’s that simple,



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