Everyone has 1 Weakness

My old friend, mentor, father-like figure, brother-like figure, a good friend has always told me that everyone has one weakness that they will battle for the rest of their lives. I do not know how much truth there is to that statement, but I do know that it rings true for my life.

And my weakness has been a reoccurring element in my life, something that I have been fighting for a long time. A lot of you might think is porn, it’s not. It is however the source of such problems-lust. I have a natural lust for things.

The two biggest things that I struggle over is my lust for women and power.

Women is an obvious one. I struggle with controlling myself when it comes to women. After learning how to talk to them, I find myself abusing my power. There are a couple of things that have helped me keep it under control, like having a girlfriend, creating a gentlemen code to live by, but that is another blog post by itself.

Power is interesting. Power can mean so many things. Power can mean money, fame, influence, love, it can mean almost any slightly elevated position. I never had power in my household, so now, I seek it out wherever I can find it. Kind of.

I say all these things, but there are definitely times when I act otherwise. There are times when my lust are fully under my control, and there are times where I completely reject power. Like on my youtube channel, I do not make videos for myself anymore, now I make it for my simpletons. I love the community that I have built, and now I serve it wholeheartedly.

You may have a huge weakness, and if you do not know what it is, I suggest putting yourself out into the world and finding out what it is quickly. You may have a huge weakness, but if you place the write structures in your life, you can make controlling your weakness much easier. It will take time and practice, but you will get there without a doubt. Just persevere.

It’s that simple,



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