Definitely something that I lack. I always want to be on the go, doing something, working on something, just making sure that I am using my energy to make something progress. I would be remiss if I did not talk about how many times just simply waiting would have solved my problems, and the equal amount of times that doing something just made my situation worse.

Back in the day, my biggest problem, like most people, was not doing something. I was too afraid to put myself out there, take risks, or anything uncomfortable, and so I barely got anywhere in life. Fast forward 4/5 years, ironically, my problems have reversed. I was insecure about my stagnancy from immobility, but now I have become insecure from my immobility to move. Meaning, the insecurity is still there, but this time, instead of reacting by not doing anything, I react from my not doing anything, and do anything.

I feel that this problem is something that I have in common with a lot of my readers, and so, this content might be helpful.

The core of my issue is my insecurity. I feel as though I should be doing something, because I do not like the state that I am in. My  insecurity pushes me to do anything to change the situation I’m in. When in reality, just waiting might have been the best answer.

There are 2 crucial ways(as I see it) to solve this issue.

  1. Prove to yourself that patience is an action.
    You have to understand innately that waiting is an action. How do you do that? By starting with small issues that can be resolved with patience, and going bigger and bigger from there. Gradually gathering evidence to prove that patience is an action.
  2. Be more secure with yourself.
    Why do you feel so insecure in the moment? What is it about the situation that makes you feel lesser? Get to the core. There is some need that you are not meeting within yourself, and you think that by solving this issue will meet that need. You have to figure out what that is, and meet that need by yourself.

I am still working on this myself, and I will probably be working on this for a long time. I hope that you guys will work in this with me, so that we can support each other through our successes and failures.

Patience is a virtue.



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