Put Yourself Out There Everyday

This is a thought that ran by my mind today. Yesterday night I composed a song, and I was quite proud of it. And so, I uploaded the song as a video to youtube. And as I was reflecting on the song today, I was thinking about how I could get exposure.

I thought to myself that once I make a song that I was proud of, not that I was not proud of the song I just made, it was just too simple and too short (a one minute piano track), so I wanted to make a more complex song with lyrics, a beat, etc. If I am being honest with myself, I want fame. Before this, I was too self-conscious or I was lying to myself, and so, I never said this openly. Fame is something that I have a deep desire for.

And I realized that Fame is what I want right now, shouldn’t I go all in? Of course there is a type of fame that I desire. Fame from merit. I do not want to be the people that become famously without any merit, the viral celebrities, the sex scandal celebrities, etc. And so, I asked myself, if that is what I want the most, should I not invest all that I have to developing that part of my life?

So how do I go about doing that? How do I invest all that I have? Or at least a lot more of what I have?

  1. I have got to get more exposure, meaning I have to expose myself more.
  2. I have to work on myself more. Get better at making music. Study music. Find role models.
  3. Since I am in a comfortable place in terms of money, if I can find a way to use my capital to accelerate my fame that should also be utilized.

These are the first few thoughts that come to mind. This desire for fame comes from a lack of attention I was given during my childhood years, and an honest love of attention. I have a good preliminary grip on who I am at the moment, but as my fame increases, that understanding must also deepen, and so working on myself will be crucial.

There are so many things that I want to accomplish, and so little time. Let’s see how far we can go. I’ll cheer for you. Won’t you cheer for me?



5 thoughts on “Put Yourself Out There Everyday

  1. do u mind telling me in which channel u uploaded the video of ur song ? i didn’t find it neither in ” simple wisdom ” channel or “sam choi 최성은” … 😥


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