When You Fail

A really bad habit that I feel like we all share is that when we have one of those really unproductive days, where we waste time for 2-3  hours, we say to ourselves, “Fuck It! I already wasted half my day, might as well go all out!”. No.

If you can get something done, get something done. It does not matter if you had 4 hours, and you wasted 3. Those 3 hours are gone, yes, but that does not mean you should waste the last one. Do not sit there and feel bad for yourself, and then to make yourself feel better waste the last hour too. You know what will really make yourself feel better? Burning out for that last hour, and getting shit done.

You have shit to do. You wasted time. Wasting more time will only further ground your habit to waste time. If you are reading this post after wasting time in a similar fashion, well. . . let this be your personal reminder, the sign that you have been waiting for, your day of reckoning, to stop whatever the hell it is that you are doing to waste so much goddamn time, and get the fuck to work.

Time is the only commodity that you can not have back. Once you spend it, it is gone for good, and you are the person that will determine what kind of value you will trade for your time.

It is a once in a lifetime deal. Make it a good one.

It’s that simple,


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