Do not Be Discouraged by Your First Try

So much life is about taking risks, taking opportunities, and more importantly, failing. I strongly believe that one of the biggest reasons for the small amount of success that I have is my being okay with failure. Sometimes I even get excited by it.

I remember when I was in high school and I was too afraid to go after the things that I wanted to, because I felt like failure was a means to an end. It is quite strange for me to think that I was like that. Failure felt like a stop, a conclusion, a bad one at that. And so, I was afraid to take the risks.

Today, I take risks knowing that failure is highly possible. Of course I mitigate my risks as much as I can, but I am still not afraid of failing. You have to understand that failure is not a conclusion, but sign that you are getting closer and closer. Think of a time where you kept going after something that you wanted, but you kept failing. Did you fail in the same fashion over and over, without any progress, or did you start to get closer and closer to your goal?

The same things goes for your other goals. It is just that the bigger they are, the minute amounts of progress will seem invisible, but they are there.

It took Colonel Sanders asking over 1000 restaurants for people to adopt his recipe for Fried Chicken, he later opened up his own store, KFC.

If it took over 1000 failures for someone to make it big, how can you give up after one?

Life is simple if you know the rules.

You just have to play by them.

It’s that simple,



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