Increasing Productivity

Let’s meet two example people. . . Bob and Gary

They both have 3 hours to study or work, and the both have the same exact tools and resources.

Bob, decides to go straight to work, and he begins to study right away. He reads the textbooks, takes notes, etc.

Gary. He looks at his tasks and his 3 hours, and he spends the first 5 minutes divvying up the time in 30 minute intervals with set miniature goals for each half hour that he has to meet. He has to complete a chapter, he has to write 500 words, etc.

Although both are working hard, both are not wasting time, Gary will undoubtedly be much more productive because he has a more clear direction than Bob does.

A simple tip to increasing your productivity is to divvy up the time you have into more specific time based goals, and try to reach those goals within the time period. Give it a shot, and you shall see your productivity levels sky rocket.

it’s that simple,



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