Went Back to my Old Diet

So after doing the Ketogenic Diet for about a week, I decided that it was not for me, at least for this moment. There are a couple of things that got in my way, and I will be sharing with you why I decided to stop, and why that is okay.

There were two main reasons as to why I stopped the diet.

  1. My above average calorie needs.
  2. Money

Since I work out around 2-3 times a day, I have a much higher daily calorie amount that I need to consume, around 1500 more calories than average. And since I was not allowed to eat any carbs, an easy source for calories, I had to rely on eating more meat, using more oil, and other tactics. Which ultimate lead into the next reason.

Since I was not reaching the amount of calories I needed to just maintain weight(I was actually almost 1500-1600 below the amount), I needed to buy more food. Meat is the most expensive type of produce in the grocery store, and even though I bought ground beef, and I could have easily bought more, it still felt wrong for me to keep spending more money.

The reason I changed back is because I knew that the diet I had before was actually quite healthy. I eat a lot of vegetables, the carbs I ate were really clean, and because I was working out so much, I had the luxury to use condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise to reach my calorie count.

And even with all the extra things that I would be doing with my old diet, I would still be saving a lot more money. And so, in the end I decided to go back to my old diet. Now why is this okay, and not me giving up? With diets, you want to find the one that works for you, and makes you feel great at the same time. The ketogenic diet works, but because of the financial state I was in, I did not feel as great as I did with my old diet.

With my old diet, I felt healthy and much more active.

I decided to go back, just because of that factor. I had a much more nutritionally balanced diet, and so I felt a lot better when I did go back.

Try different diets for a week, and see which one makes you feel the best, not taste the best, feel the best.

It’s that simple,



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