Default Productivity

There will be times when things will go faster than expected, but you will not be in the office or home to do the things that you want to. At these moments I recommend to have a few default things that you can lean back to do.

In my case, I write blog posts. It may not be the most important thing to do in my life, but when I am separated and unable to do the things that are more important, than I can go on my phone and write and article, instead of wasting my time doing nothing.

If you do not have something immediately coming to your brain that you can do as a default, then I recommend some of the following;

  1. Reading, carry a book, or buy some audiobooks
  2. Open up your note app on your phone, journal, write down your thoughts, are make some plans for the future. Write down some big goals, and dissect them. What are the first steps that you are going to take to achieve those goals?
  3. If you have nothing at all, and you find yourself in that moment, think of the things that you could be doing.
  4. Similar to the first tip, but do some research. I would look into stocks and different types of currencies, but that is because that is what I am intrigued by. What do you want to learn more about? What are you interested by?

There are so many small changes that we can make to be more productive with our lives, and those small changes add over time. If you want time, you have to make time, and that means looking in ever crevice.

It’s that simple,



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