Scare People

Do not try to be impressive to your friends, try to be impressive to impressive people. You’ll impress everyone else along the way.

I scared someone recently with my work ethic. We were skyping, and I was working on making music at the time. And within the time frame, I also did an ab workout and some yoga. And after seeing me do so much in the short amount of time, my friend looked back at themselves, and compared themselves to me. They got scared and disappointed by the difference in discipline, and decided that the next day that they would be much more productive.

A goal of mine is to scare people by my work ethic. And the only way to do that is to give it your all. In order to have scary work ethic, you have to have scary beliefs, scary thoughts, and a scary life.

Meaning, you’re thoughts can not be normal and mundane. They have to be challenging and exciting. How else are you going to motivate yourself to work that hard, if you do not have something pushing you internally?


I can’t waste a second!

Fuck Sleep. I’ll Sleep when I’m dead.

Get what you deserve.

No one can stop me.

Ideas like that can only motivate people to work harder. Now imagine if these were the only types of thoughts that you wanted in your head, and started to implement a brainwashing of such extremism? How would your life be different?

If you want to be great. You will have to work a great amount. You get what hours you put in. If you put in minimal effort, you will get minimal results. This does not just mean effort on a physical scale, but also a mental one. If you do not spend the time to find the best and fastest path, then you will be passed by those who did.

You have to put in the work both mentally and physically.

You want to be great? Act like it.

It’s that simple,



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