Being Smart

Being Smart. That is something that I have been trying to do for almost my entire life. I can honestly say that with all of my attempts that people do not really know what it means to be smart. Society has not really defined it to mean anything specific.

Do achievements make you smart? Look at the Einsteins, Mozarts, Elon Musks, through their achievements they are called geniuses. If this is so, then people that do not achieve anything, are they not smart? I think we all know that this is not the case either. What was Elon Musks, Mozarts, and Einsteins before their achievements? Not smart? hmm…

Does being smart mean that you simply know more? Then by memorizing everyday, everything you can, then can you be the smartest person to have ever lived? We all know that this is not true, and yet, we judge people to be smart by the facts that they know, and their ability to expand conversation into more intellectual areas.

Does being smart mean being creative? Should we as people be constantly be trying to be creative? As a society, there has to be non-creatives and creatives. In the past, when man had to hunt for food, the creatives were the ones that got killed. The less creative ones did not take risks, and simply did what they knew. Society today still needs this. So an entirely creative society will certainly meet destruction. Not very smart.

What about the mix of the two? Is a smart person a person that is knowledgeable and creative? I have met “geniuses” that new everything about what they were good at, but nothing about anything else. Are they still smart? The answer is I have no idea, because I have concluded that being smart does not mean anything. It’s just a word that you will never use for yourself, only for others.

You make a judgement call on the person in front of you from some quick display of wit, and automatically call them smart.  But we could never really deserve to make that type of judgement. We simply do not have enough data.

So, do not obsess of whether you are smart enough to achieve something. Do not compare yourself to other people, you have no idea who they are. I don’t care if you read their biographies, memorize their birthdays and childhood info, you still do not have enough data to judge whether they are “smarter” or more gifted than you.

Just do what you want.

It’s that simple,



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