Job Interview Strategies

The art of interviewing. This is not a skill that came naturally to me. I use to get so nervous for interviews, and when I finally got interviewed, I would stumble over my words. However, when I was a model, I would get interviewed for Jobs everyday, sometimes(most of the times), multiple times a day. And from that experience, I gained an experience that translates to everything– how to interview. And today, I wish to share with you some of my strategies.

First off, you have to understand why you’re interviewing. It is not about the company or the people hiring you. It is understanding whether you want to work with them. You are going to be giving them your time and energy, and they are going to trade it for money. You are the one making the larger sacrifice. Do not get the power dynamic confused. You have the power. And so, you should make it a point to say, “I want to know if I would make a good fit for this company”.  Most interviewees will act desperate for the job, and this is very unattractive, and when you come in, and display a level of reserve and calmness, you will automatically be more desired.

I believe it would be the best to talk about this right when the company starts to talk about your compensation or pay. I often use the following line, “I would love to talk about pay, but before that, I want to know if I can provide value to your team or not”. This is a line that I got from Ramit Sethi, and his interview strategies video is great, and everybody should give it a listen.

Do not let the conversation be one sided. Meaning, the people that are interviewing you should not be the only people asking questions. Just waiting for questions screams to the interviewer that you are either a novice or desperate for the job.


Find out about the place you are potentially going to work at. What is the culture like? What are they like, because most likely they are going to be your superiors, and you want to figure out if they are the type of leaders you want to work for.

Simply, be a normal person that asks questions, and has conversations.

It’s that Simple,



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