Becoming a Prodigy.

Ziyu He, 16 Years Old, Violin Prodigy.

Famous for playing a fellow prodigy’s piece, Paganini’s Nel Cor piu mi sento, shocked the world, and gained international fame in the world of classical music, and especially other violinists.


Now, you might look at this person, and if I asked you to compare yourself to him, and asked you if you could do what he did, you may respond in a fashion that would claim that because he is a genius, a prodigy, that there is no way you can do what he does.

If I were the person I was 2 weeks ago, I might have agreed with you.

The particular piece that he plays in the video, how long do you think he practiced it?

A week?

A month?

A couple of months?

Half a year. . . right?

Try 2 Years.

He practiced the song for 2 years, after learning violin for nearly a decade.

Now, what if I gave you 12 years to learn the song, and play at his level? What would you say to that? Do you think you will be able to play at his level?

I am continuously reminded that as humanity, we have no idea what it means to be intelligent, a genius, or a prodigy.

I think Ziyu’s genius is in his ability to persist in a single craft for so long. The amount of mental strain it takes to practice at a single craft takes a high level of discipline, and to have that at such a young age is a true blessing.

So when you see a person labeled a prodigy or a genius, do not look past the immense hard work that they have put in to earn the attribute. And also do not overlook yourself, and tell yourself that they are any different than you in terms of where they started. You have the same potential. You just have to put in the work. And it truly is working the slow grind, and continuing every day to better your craft.

Improving a little everyday is the key to becoming a prodigy.

It’s that simple,



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