Please Don’t End!

In reflection to all the times when we did not want our breaks to end. When we thought that our Winter or Summer Breaks were to short. When we felt like it came too quickly. Or even when it is not a break, but just a specific time in our lives where we thought that the time passed much too quickly. Maybe it was time with a loved one, time alone, time working, it can really be anything.

Although this is not the case every time, I find that I often feel this way because I am not spending the time that I have as I should. Maybe I did not accomplish what I set out to accomplish. Maybe I did not give it my all. Maybe I was working, but not doing the type of work that I wanted to do. Or maybe I just did not have enough fun.

When we wish that something were not to end, then maybe it is because we did not truly cherish it while it was there. I wonder how much easier it would be to let something go if we knew we truly cherished the moments we had. It is a simple thought, but I believe if applied, it can be truly life changing.

It’s that simple.



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