Creating Beautiful Work

I have been making content for about a year and half now. And within that time, I have gotten about 650 subscribers, made well over 200 videos, and have been hustling ever since. It has been an amazing journey of learning about people all over the world, and connecting with them on such an intimate level, even though we are divided by our screens.

I do not know whether you think my content is good or not, beautiful or not, but I believe that the byproduct of it is beautiful. The fact that I was able to help more than 1 person with my channel is more than anyone can ask for.

I just wanted to take this post to thank everyone for their support, for their readership, comments, likes, any interaction that you may have had with me, I am entirely grateful. And for everyone that calls themselves a member of our Simpleton Community, a special thanks to you.

I hope you guys have a wonderful new years.

It’s that simple,



6 thoughts on “Creating Beautiful Work

  1. happy new year .. keep going and mind that there is a person from these who r helped by ur vlogs and blogs .. this person who has no friends or any way to practice his hobbies , he waits every friday to watch ur videos and monday to read ur vlogs , this person really feels happy when u respond his comments and for a short time he feels that he isn’t lonely anymore… this person sometimes disappear because of some matters or education but deeply he keeps supporting u… this person wishes u the best as u wish the same to the others .. simpletons r by ur side .. fighting !

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