The Final Stretch

I officially have 1 semester of school left. 1 semester left, and I will be finished with school. After 16 years of schooling, it seems like I will finally be done with it. Now I say this not knowing if I will be going to medical school or not, but still it is quite the thought.

I have spent the majority of my life listening to people, writing down what they say, and downloading their thoughts as my own. And within 5 months, I shall stop doing what I have been doing for the last 2 decades. It will be quite the shift.

For the first 11 years of my schooling, I did not think for myself. I merely just listened to my teachers, and I did not dissect what they were saying. I did not try to judge whether I believed what they were saying to be true, and I just accepted their lectures as gospel. It was only until my senior year in high school where I began to listen to what they began to say and digest their content. And ironically, this allowed me to better learn.

And I believe there is a huge lesson here that most people are at fault to. We are doing ourselves a disservice by accepting everything our superiors say gospel. Not only to ourselves, but to them as well. By just accepting what people say, you ignore a crucial part to learning and digesting information. Knowledge is not gained by listening and agreeing. Learning is a painstaking process of trial and error, review, critique, and focus. By merely accepting everything to be true, you bar yourself from ever experiencing a true learning experience.

What helped me see the world as a true learner was my English teacher during my senior year. I could see the love he had for reading, and so by mere curiosity, I decided to read for myself, not for a class, not for any stupid requirement, but for me. And it was eye opening. From then on, when I listened to a teacher, I did not listen just because it was class time and it was protocol to be quite and listen, but I listened to understand, the comprehend, to judge the content for myself, and approve whether I wanted to add what they were teaching to my own life.

This level of attention reveals a level of detail that simply accepting knowledge can never provide. Be critical of knowledge. Be critical of life. Know what you like, what you dislike, what you want, what you do not want, and choose for yourself, what type of person you will become.

It’s that simple,



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