Getting Trapped in Our Own Beliefs

Beliefs are a scary thing.

Whether your beliefs are right or not, moral or not, they still determine how you see the world, and how you act within it.

I was with a friend recently, and he was talking about how he believed that money could buy anything. This one belief changed the way he saw the world entirely, and the scary thing was, it gave him a sense of anxiety, stress, and even depression. The problem was he did not even know that it was his beliefs that were causing the problem.

The reason why there are times when we feel anxious or stressed out without even knowing why we feel so is because of our beliefs. We do not second guess our beliefs, because of how beliefs are structured and created.

Beliefs= Statement+Evidence

His statement was that “Money can Buy Anything”. And while my friend was talking about this belief, he listed reasons why it was true.

Whatever beliefs you have, they are your beliefs because you found evidence either in the outside world or within yourself, and proved to yourself that your belief was true.

And since you have “proved” to yourself that your belief is true, you do not second guess it, and so if your beliefs cause you distress, you are left looking else where, instead of attacking the source.

When my friend was talking about his beliefs about money, I said something that brought him back to reality.

You can’t buy me.

I have friends that you can’t buy.

Money can’t buy anything. It can not  buy people who value their own integrity.

This quick quip, I saw it in his eye, it made him second guess his belief. This does not mean he let go of his belief, it is not that easy, but it did give him a chance to introspect, and see for himself, that his beliefs are not absolutes, but merely well founded statements.

The reason I am writing this is because I was reflecting on the death of SHINee’s Jonghyun. His death was strangely a heavier one, and his words reminded me of how scary we are, and how much power we truly have over ourselves. We can choose to shut ourselves off emotionally. We can choose to do such things and forget that we have the power to turn it back on.

Beliefs are a scary thing. And I am not saying this in application to Jonghyun, that would be far too disrespectful. He was in a situation that I am currently incapable of comprehending.

My thoughts go to his family and loved ones.

You did well,


I made a video where I go more in depth on my reflections on Jonghyun’s death, and you can watch it here->


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