Recording Music

So, I recorded a song for the first time. You can watch the video here~

And immediately I must say that recording music might be one of the most hardest things that I have ever done. It might be because I am a perfectionist, but because of the examples that I were shown of professionals that recorded music, I adopted their habits of perfectionism, and made the process of making music long and arduous.

To give you a taste of what the process was like for me, it might have taken me 2-3 hours to record the first lyric of the song. I must have sang the part at least 1000 times.

However, what the process has taught me is perseverance and patience.

These are quite obvious side effects in retrospect, but I did no go into this project thinking that most of the time I spend will be on the first verses of the song. There is one other thing as well.

It has fine tuned my pitch and now I am able hear pitches at a whole other level.

I have gained an understanding of music that I was not able to through learning piano, violin, drums, or guitar. I have performed live music before in front of an audience of about 100, and although I learned a lot from that experience, the level of understanding I have gained of musical theory, recording intricacies, and also being able to understand the work put into other songs, it has changed the way that I listen to music entirely.

Like how when I watch a fight, it is no longer a barbaric cacophony of chaos, but because I know how to fight standing up and on the ground, when I watch a fight, I see a symphony of highly calculated choreographed movements that have been practiced to perfection. I can see their intentions, where they want to be, not perfectly, but I can see some of it. It is the same with music.

And I believe my obsessive personality has greatly accelerated my growth, because I have spent such obsessive hours on the subject that I forced myself to grow.

So far, making music has been a painful, physically draining, spirit testing, but fulfilling journey, and I plan to continue all the way through.

It’s just that simple,



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