Fear for what is to Come

In my new music channel’s facebook page,  I got my first post by a supporter. And it was very nice to hear someone wish the best for me, and I was extremely encouraged. However, she said one thing that made me kind of sad. She told me that she had a dream as well, but she said she had no confidence. I have had a couple of these types of conversations the past couple of days, and I realized that maybe I was on the other side to some people, and those people could use some insight to how people like me think.

We Are All Afraid.

I don’t have any confidence at all whenever I start something new, like when I started simple wisdom, my music channel, modeling, being a chef, eveything I did, I was scared at the beginning.

It was terrifying to put myself out into the world. I knew my content was not going to be good, and I was always thinking about the hate I would get. When I first started my youtube channel, I was deeply afraid of never getting noticed, of never achieving anything, and just giving up. It is like this for all high achievers.

It is not that we do not feel fear and so we achieve, in actuality, we just don’t let our fears get in the way.

I understand with my entire body that fear is just part of the process. That having a lack of confidence is how you are suppose to start anything. If you are confident that you are going to do amazing at anything you start, then you are delusional. However, I also know that if I put in the hours, the sweat, the blood, and the tears, that no matter what, I will get better.

Another key is that people like me ask different questions.

Most people, if they were to start something, they might ask themselves something like,

“What if I suck?”, or “What if nobody likes what I make?”

People like me ask things like, “So what if I suck?”, “Who cares if nobody likes what I make?”.

The only reason you should start something that you always wanted to do is precisely because it is something that you always wanted to do. Life is too fucking precious, and there are already too many obstacles in your path, so don’t make it harder by tripping over yourself. Do not be an obstacle to yourself. Just say “fuck it”, and then get after it.

It’s that simple,

Sam Choi


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