How to Make A Brand

Now of course I know nothing about this through my own life, but this is all things that I learned from people like Gary Vaynerchuck, Simon Sinek, Apple Company, Southwest Airlines, and etc.

When you are first starting off, and you do not have any brand to start with, you have to trade off of other people’s brand, because no one knows you. You have to be active in your communication and deliver value to the people that you want to trade with.

And you will have to keep doing this until you finally have the brand that you want, then you can start making content for yourself, of what you know, of what you want to teach, and go in directions that you always wanted to go.

But why is branding so important?

We are at the early stages of a wave, a cultural change, or a trend, that will change everything. Today, there are youtube and instagram influencers that are more famous then A-List Hollywood celebrities. There are youtubers that can make more money on a product brand deal with a couple of instagram posts or tweets then any movie star actor. Companies are starting to value these influencers over celebrities, because although the celebrities might even have a larger fanbase, the influencer’s fanbase is much more engaged and interactive.

This is because the influencer’s fanbase, from the start, was grown through fan interaction. They grow with a loyal fanbases at the start, and at the peak of their fame, they have a highly mobile team that will follow their leader wherever the influencer takes them.

And that kind of attention makes you very attractive to other companies, and that is just the start. I am not the only one that is predicting this, but soon enough, everybody will be trading on brand. And the scary thing is, we already are. Just look at the facebook pages today, or even where they were a couple of years ago. We are already selling a message to ourselves and our friends, whether you know it or not.

This process will only accelerate, and you will either conform or perish. And I advise that you start now, so that you can be a step ahead of the game. What does that look like??

Find the medium that suits you. Write a blog. Record a podcast. Film a video. Do anything that will help build an awareness around you.

It’s that simple,



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