Adopt Hardship

There is a simple detail in my life that has added such tremendous value, and is what I believe what has allowed me in part to get to where I am. 3 or some years ago, I adopted a personality trait. It was a trait that I always admired, and was something that I only ever seen in the movies or in anime tv shows. It was grit.

Never giving up. Loving challenges. And getting excited whenever you know something will be difficult, and willingly putting yourself through hell and enjoying the process. I call it the Sayian Mindset, after the anime series, Dragon Ball, but it is something that has been a constant in my life for the past couple of years.

Back when I was in community college, there was a mishap with my classes, and my counselor told me that I would have to stay another semester, and I would not be able to transfer when I wanted. And then I asked him, can’t I just take all the classes I need in one semester? The look on his face and his reply is what told me that taking 6 classes, over 20 units, in 1 semester is exactly what I needed to do.

He said, “6 classes? That’s too much. No one can do that, you’ll be overloaded.”

Even though on the outside I just nodded with, “I see”, in my heart, I got excited. And walking out the counselor’s office, I became even more excited. And soon enough, I got permission to expand the limit of classes I can take per semester, and I was enrolled for 6 classes. And even though I was nervous about the workload, I was excited, and saw it as an opportunity to show what I was made of.

Long story short, I was able to get to Berkeley when I wanted to, and I still hold the same mindset today.

Adopt a mindset of loving hardship and challenges, and seeing them as opportunities to grow, because life will never stop giving you challenges, and frankly, it’s just the truth.

It’s that simple,



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