How to Meditate

Meditation has been a reoccurring habit in my life. I was on and off with it for the past 3 years, and it was only up until about a 2 weeks ago when I realized how much an effect meditation has on my life. I couldn’t tell you why I started up again 2 weeks ago, but I can tell you that the quality of my life has increased significantly because of it. And after learning some more about meditation, I was able to get considerable better at it, and my meditation sessions have been much more successful.

The key to meditation is to first understand that you are not your mind, that you are not your thoughts. If you are like me, when I first heard this, I thought it didn’t make any sense. I was confused, and I honestly just thought it was all a bunch of bullshit. But I still chose to be open-minded, and kept learning.

The voice in your head, your thoughts they are not who you are. The mind is actually a tool. However, people like you and I can get into the bad habit of never turning off the mind, and always having it run as if it was on autopilot. The only problem with this is that the mind will get in the way. You have forgotten how to separate yourself from the mind, because you have been constantly using it for so long.

The key to meditation is noticing the difference. Noticing the separation, and feeling what it is to be truly yourself, the being that can choose to think, instead of being a slave to your thoughts.

And to me, a successful meditation session is not 10 minutes of being aware of the separation, but instead just being aware of the separation for one moment out of the 10 minutes is a successful session. Because what you are trying to do is build up the muscle, and you need to look at every session as a workout. There will be days that you will only have 1 moment of clarity, and there will also be days when you have lot more, but the key is to not judge, and just allow things to be, and stay determined to keep meditating.

It is a habit that nearly all successful people have-a meditative practice. So please, think about picking it up yourself.

It’s that easy.



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