Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a Decision. If there is one thing that I have come to realize over the years, it is that we have more power than we imagine. We have more power than we could possibly fathom. It is that I have realized how much say we have in our own lives. I felt as though, in my childhood, I was taught to believe that I had no control over my circumstances. But luckily through time and hardship, I was forced to take my life into my hands, and force upon a semblance of what I desired out of life.

And it was in those moments that balanced between destruction and salvation where I learned that it was I who maintained the balance. And the secret to all this, to being happy, to being angry, to being depressed, to being anything is that you choose to be and do so.

The morning is a powerful thing. In the way that when you wake up, your first thoughts will dictate your day. If the first thing that you think of is worry, fear, or anxiety, you have chosen to be worrisome, fearful, and anxious. But in the same way, if you were to choose to be joyful, happy, and gracious. You would have chosen to be all those things.

I have realized that we have all the tools to be completely happy and gracious already. Even during the times of hardship, all of the tools are still there. Let us take a common example.

Try to conceive a man that hates his job. He has been at it for 3 years and has seen little to no growth in his station. And so, life has become despicable for him, and he dreads going to work, and every moment in it. But then, due to some unfortunate event, say you were to take away his job. How happy would he be to get it back, and work in the same position?

Let us take an even more common example.

Try to conceive yourself. I do not know how healthy you are, whether you exercise, whether you maintain a good lifestyle, but try to picture your average health. And then, give yourself the flu or gastroenteritis. How happy would you be, how grateful would you be if you were to just go back to how you feel normally?

We have everything that we need in order for us to feel grateful and happy. And it is all a matter of shifting perspective. There are many things that you can do; volunteer, help a friend, donate.

However, there is one simple thing that I will recommend you do everyday.

Take 5 minutes to write 3 things that you are grateful for every day.

  1. A person in your life
  2. Something big(a house, money, your health, etc)
  3. Something small(the quiet in your room, the smell of coffee, the small breeze)

Changing your perspective is a long and dreary process. However, this simple habit that you can take on will certainly do the trick.

For it is really that simple.



5 thoughts on “Happiness is a Choice

  1. happiness is the small light in the night and there is no day without night .. when u spoke about that man that hates his work and hates his ungrowing situation ; i felt as if u r talking about me and the section i’m studying .. it’s completely true … i hate it but i couldn’t do a reorientation … now and after these 3 years i released that happiness exists regardless anything

    Liked by 1 person

      1. i found it finally hhh i have been waiting for hours… but u know ? jinjja daebak !! and fighting for learning “guitar” it’s not easy


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