Understanding Your Customer

Now this will be a blog post that will appeal to a very small part of my audience base, so bear with me here, because I believe that sooner or later, society is going to force people to start their own businesses.

This blog post will deal with market research, and basically understanding your customer, and discovering the places that they go online or in the real world, so that you will be able to effectively market whatever it is that you are trying to sell.

My Journey


So the way that this all started was my desire to start another youtube channel. I wanted to start a music cover channel, and the first song I was going to cover was going to be a Korean one.

Now, if this were me years ago, what I would have done was make the video in one go, with little preparation, and just upload it on the internet and hope for the best. But after being exposed to so many great individuals, those online, and some here at UC Berkeley, I learned that I have a lot more control over my content’s success than I realized.

Now the key to having “market success”, or anything viral, the number one thing is the content. You have to make sure that not only is the content good, but more importantly, it is something that you are proud of and something that you believe in. Before you do anything else, you have to make sure that you get this down first.

To make sure I got the first step down(mind you that I haven’t even filmed the video yet as I am writing this), there were a couple of things that I have done to guarantee a certain level of quality.

  1. I reached out to friends that have “good” expensive cameras.
  2. Told them that I was going to compensate them, so that I can guarantee a level of professionalism and preparedness. As well as the ability to direct and control them, something that would not be taken for granted if the work was not paid for.(you would have to watch what you say more)
  3. Practicing the song itself, and making the words my own.

And when the shooting date comes, I will be even more prepared. As the date comes closer, whenever I have ideas or things that I want to try, I have a note on my phone that I write down all my ideas. This increases the guarantee due to the variety to choose from.

Now that I have done the prep that I could do, I can now proceed to the market research.

The question that you must first answer is who is your customer, or in my case, the viewer, that I want to reach out to?

And after looking up the interwebs(facebook demographics, subreddit demographics), I was able to pinpoint a specific demographic to try to appeal to.

You should never try to appeal to everybody, that takes too much money and wastes too much energy.

Instead, you want to focus on a critical niche that will be your evangelists. People that will love your product so much that they will want to spread it with everyone they know.

You also have to look for the most effective places to advertise. You do not want a sphere that is overcrowded with advertisements. Instead, you want to look for places that have undervalued attention. And I would highly recommend people to take advantage of Facebook(for now) and Reddit.

I am currently focusing on fb pages and subreddits that I can release my content to, as well as buy ads for, so that I will be able to be exposed to the demographic that I believe will be my evangelists(preteen to young 20’s females, kpop fans). Now the real works comes in trying to find where these evangelists hang out and go on these websites.

And there is no shortcut to finding where they go, you just have to put in the time. I reached out to my friends, I did random searches, and looked for keywords on pages and subreddits. Luckily I am Korean, and so I had a language and informational advantage, and so I was able to find things quicker.

Now I have a set list of places to upload and advertise on.

Now, most people stop here, and think that the work is over. Wrong. You have only fought about half the battle.

If you are going to post or advertise anything, if you want it to be successful, you have to make it native to the website. What does that mean? You have to understand how people use the website, and format your post or ad accordingly.

Just because you have a successful ad description on reddit, does not mean that it is going to work on Facebook. The same person may look at the same thing on both sites, but because their expectations of content will be different, they reactions will also be different.

You have to make native content.

It’s that simple,


Now I believe that I just gave some super valuable content. It may just be my ego though haha.

But if you believe that I provided value for you, please share this post with 1 friend, that’s all I ask.

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