Career Choice: Do What You Have to Do

This is a bit of a nuanced post, so this may not contain something for everyone.

Recently, I have been having to give my friends the same advice over and over. It was a very strange experience to have two different people to call you out of the blue and have the same exact problem. And so it made me wonder as to how many other people have the same exact problem.

And there was a speech that I heard long ago, and it was about figuring out what sort of content to make, business to start, or career to choose. It should be the one that you simply have to do. The one that would give you sanity because you can not picture your life any other way.

Now how does this tie back to the experience that I mentioned earlier? Well, I am comparing this to the notion of creating something that people need. You know when something is ready to be received from the world when you are tired of giving the same advice. When too many people start asking for the same thing over and over again, it is usually a good sign that there is a market for the information, and you should be giving it to people in some consumable form(video, blog post, etc).

So I am thinking that I am going to make this video, but I want to do it right. As well as see if I can make it into some sort of business or side income.

I have also been tackling the idea of being a surgeon as well, and I have been studying surgery as well as medical diagnosis to see how I fit in with the medical culture and type of thinking. So far, I have found it deeply satisfying.

Without babbling any further, those are my thoughts.

Sorry for the short post, but I think there is a lot of value in what I mentioned. Give it some thoughts.

It’s that simple,



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