Living Naturally

The hardest thing for me to do is allow things to just be. I like being the master of my own world, and whenever things do not go my way, I sort of force my will onto the world, and make things the way I want them. Now this is okay, in some instances, but there are times when the world will just not bend to your will. And it is important at these times to stop what you’re doing, and just let things be.

This past month or so is proof of this statement. I had a picture of what I wanted in my head, and basically, every time I tried to get what I wanted, life got in the way. It was actually a crazy experience. I started to wonder if God existed, and if God just did not want things to go my way. It was pretty funny at first, but after a while, it just got too frustrating.

And last night, I realized that I was investing in a losing venture. There are multiple facets of my problem that take away my ability to control the situations, and so any effort I gave to control was just a waste of precious energy.

You have to understand that there are circumstances in which you have no power over, and you should just allow and accept life to be.

This learning points to something that I have been aiming towards the past couple of months. If you have watched my video on not allowing your failures determine your success, then you know of my promiscuous past, and how I basically manipulated my life to what I wanted it to be. I have decided that for the next few months to year that I just want to live naturally. Meaning, that at least with my love life, I do not want to try to make it anything. I am going to allow life to present what it will, and I will react from there.

Now there is the valid argument that it is in my nature to try to control everything, and I agree with that agreement. However, it is also in my nature to experiment. And I see this as an experiment, one where I want to see if this approach to love is better than the one that was failing me.

Life is about failing, learning, and failing again.

You have to put yourself out there. You should make it a goal to get as many rejections as you can today. Try to hear at least 10 no’s a day. You will slowly learn about human behavior, and you will build a thicker skin.

Provide value through your experiences. And the only fucking way to get them is to actually go out there and experience something. Go live.

It’s that simple,



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