Don’t Show Off

If you tend to be egocentric like me, then there is one thing that you love to do-show off.

Not show off like give people a list of all the things that I accomplished, but by surprising them when they ask questions. However, I have recently adopted a new mindset or habit that I am going to recommend for you to do the same. But before I do, allow me to give my reasons as to why I think showing off is a bad thing for you, beyond looking like a total prick.

  1. It makes it harder for you to achieve your goals.

There have been studies that shown talking about your goals, or how you are going about trying to achieve your goals fire the same chemicals within your brain(dopamine and oxytocin) that fire when you actually achieve something. And so, biochemically you trick yourself into thinking that you accomplished your goals, and so the desire to accomplish diminish or disappear entirely. So, if you show off the people about how you are getting close to achieving your goals, you are only making it harder on yourself to actually achieve them.

  1. If you have to show off your accomplishments, they are not accomplishments worthy of showing off.

Let your accomplishments speak for themselves. I have a roommate that can not shut up about how he went to a culinary program and how he loves to cook;(actual quote) “I know I’m a phenomenal cook”. I tend to let my cooking do the talking. If you have done something truly worthwhile, then your accomplishments will speak for themselves. Whether it be studying hard for a test, you should have the bags under your eyes, the wearing of pajamas to class, the lines on your face, or the bad breath of an all-nighter to prove that. Accomplishments leave hints upon your character, and if they do not get noticed without you having to point them out, then I would seriously check myself, and make sure that I am not trying to prove a narrative to myself about how amazing I am to make myself feel better, and actually make sure that I am going out into the world and doing shit.

Let your accomplishments talk for you. Saves energy, and feels better anyway.


So for the habit, if you have read everything before this point, then these should seem pretty self-evident.

  1. Do not talk about your goals or how you are working towards them with random people.

I only talk about the progress I am making  or about my new goals with people that I am very close with. Anybody else, and I am just saying it for an ego boost.
If you find yourself in a situation where you have to talk about the things that are going on your life in relation to the goals that you have, then go ahead and tell them. The wording is crucial. When I talk about my goals, I make sure that I do not blow them out of proportion, and tell them exactly how things are. If you are egocentric like I am, then it will be really easy for you to stretch the truth to make yourself seem a little better than you actually are, run away from that pull, because all you’re doing is lying to yourself and the people around you.


Let your accomplishments do the talking.

It’s just that simple,



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