You Cannot Make the Universe Give a Shit about You.

Everybody has a sob story. Some time in their lives where everything seem to be going the wrong way. A time when this and then that happened, and you were just so down on your luck, that you might have even wondered why you were here. Everyone has that.

Maybe you’re going through that right now. I have one thing to tell you. You cannot make the universe give a shit. I could tell you my sob story right now, and my life will not change at all.

I have gone through a lot, and if you have been following my blog for a while, then you know about my homeless story, and about my family, so I won’t be getting into that now, but what I realized is that no matter how hard I complained, that no matter how many people I told, the universe could not even begin to care about my sob story. And it shouldn’t.

This is not some pessimistic rant. I actually think this is quite the positive message. Because, I am going to be saving a lot of people, a lot of time.

Stop Complaining. Stop pitying yourself. It’s a waste of time. You will not get anything out of it. No one has the power to choose what baggage that they will be born with, it is a literal luck of the draw, and it will not do you any good to compare how bad you have it to other people. The only real reaction you have to your “baggage”, is acceptance.

The only real response you should be having is, “So what? I’ll keep going.”

If you were born in a position where you have to catch up in order to just be average.

So what? Get there bitch.

Are you really going to accept your attitude to stay behind, because other people started higher than you? If you’re reading this, then I assume that you understand where I am coming from, and your answer is one big HELL NO.

You can not allow your circumstance to define yourself or your future.

If I complained and sat around complaining, I would be where I was 3 years ago, sleeping in a baseball pit. In fact, I would probably just be dead. So in a messed up way, in those hard times, I had it easier, because I literally had to improve or die. But man, was I waaaay behind. I had so much catching up to do. But I did it.

You just have to accept the fact that nothing but hard work is going to change what you were born with.

Stop complaining. Don’t look around and compare yourself to other people. Write down what you want out of life. And then.

Get. After. It.

It’s that simple,



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