Stop Thinking Ahead and Just Live Stupid

You know, there are places where I would expect wisdom to come from, and places where I do not expect wisdom to come from. Today, wisdom came from the most of unexpected places. Jim Carrey.

Although he was talking about what he learned from the author Eckart Tolle, it was strange nonetheless to have such a realization from the man.

The realization was that all we have is the present. It is all we will ever have, all we will ever experience, and all that anybody and anything can experience. We waste our time into thinking about what we can experience in the future, or what we experienced in the past, that we forget about what we can experience right now. What do you want to experience?

The questions that have literally been going around my head for the past couple of weeks were about what I’m going to do in the future. That is all my mind has been about. I have been constantly looking down at my watch and thought about what I am going to do with the small amount of free time I have, and how I was going to get the things I needed to get done.

The power of the realization is in the reframe. Ask yourself right now, what do I want to experience right now? You may find yourself stopping yourself from watching that 5 min youtube video clip, or going on facebook, or checking your email, or even, stop yourself from procrastinating all together. Because you realize the total control you have over yourself, and that really it is just the self talk that you have allowed yourself to fall into that makes you forget the power that you have always have held.

What do you want to experience right now? Stop looking at your watch. You know what you have to do for today, so you don’t have to keep reminding yourself. You got 5 mins? 10? 30? 60? Great. Who cares? What do you want to be doing right now? Who do you want to be in the moment?


It’s literally the only thing you will, you have, and are ever going to experience.

It’s that simple,



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