Operating on what you Don’t Know

I have been reading a book called Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio. Ray Dalio is the founder and former CEO of Bridgewater, one of the biggest(if not the biggest) hedgefunds in the world. He has always been on the forbes top 100 richest list, as well as on Time Magazine’s list for top 100 most influential people on the planet.

In the book he goes over the principles he learned and used to get to where he is today, and so this is a book that I recommend to everyone.

One of the man principles that stood out to me was this notion of traversing the world knowing that you don’t know everything. So much of life has been about absorbing information, and then using that information to help me live my life. However, what he suggests is absorbing information, and using what you learn, but at the same time, you operate in what you don’t know. Meaning, that you look for ways to supplement your weaknesses.

He advises to develop the skill to delegate your weaknesses, and whenever you are in a foreign situation, you should be looking to playing your strengths, while looking for ways to supplement your weaknesses, whether it be through other people or tools.

We often operate in ways that solely use what we know, but we forget the world of what we don’t know, and that we can indeed use that world in the same way we use the world of what we do know.

You do not know everything. To be honest, we barely know anything. We should operate knowing that.

It’s that simple.



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