Just Starting.

For a long time I have been wanting to start my own business. However, it was something that I thought I would do waaay later down to line after I graduated. Recently, I have decided that I wanted to start a business while I was still in school. I learned a lot of things about how to start a business, and have been reading a couple of books that dissect how companies failed and why companies are succeeding.

I was struggling with what my business should be. I knew that I wanted to help people. I knew that I wanted to create business that could make money in my sleep, basically an automated business that I did not need to constantly baby.

And so I was stressing about what product I could make that would satisfy all my criteria. And after doing a lot of thinking and reading, I realized that the key to entrepreneurship and life in general is just starting. With a product, the successful companies will start with a basic product knowing that through testing and pivoting will change their original idea into something that they never even thought of. Your product will change completely once you go through the entire process of adapting your idea to your customer.

And maybe not so strangely, this relates to life. So many of us are too afraid to start anything because we stress so much about how we want to start. We want our beginning to be perfect, because we have tricked ourselves into thinking that a perfect start means a perfect end. When in reality, life is about just starting and finding yourself along the way. Now of course there will be mentors that will save you thousands of dollars and man hours along the way, but you should be starting and working hard while you meet those mentors. You should never be waiting for the perfect mentor to fall on your lap.

How many of us actually forced ourselves to start something that we have been putting of for months or years, and once starting you realized that the momentum of your intial beginning, even though it was not perfect, led you to exactly where you wanted to be and more importantly, where you want to go next.

The truth is that we don’t know what we want, and we especially do not know what other people want. And so instead of assuming that your dreams are exactly what will make you happy, think of them as life giving you hints at what could give you fulfillment. Once you start going down the path of your dreams, you will find that they will take you to entirely unexpected places, and you will expand as person, and find that you never really knew what was right for you, and that you needed this journey to figure that out.

So if you “know” what you want to do, just start, and find yourself along the way.

It’s that simple.



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