When to Look at life Objectively

One of the most common thoughts the people have that deter them from getting closer to their dreams is that they look at their lives and their futures far too subjectively. Now what do I mean by that? Well the only way that I can explain is through my youtube channel.

I started Simple Wisdom about 1 year ago, and within that year I have gotten a little over 600 subscribers. I know what many of you are thinking, “600? That’s it? Why do you keep making videos man? You have been at it for a year and you only got to 600, it might be time to put up your gloves.” Well. . . that’s how most people think.

Whenever people start something new, they make lots of progress the first month or so, but after a while, when the progress and the motivation starts to dwindle, doubt starts to pump in. And without any thoughts to fight back, most people usually give up and tell themselves the same thing that was said above. “If I hadn’t made it by now, I probably won’t ever make it.”

The problem is no empire was built over night. And if you have never had any previous success or exposure, it is going to take years for you to get where you want to be. And with my youtube channel, I started knowing this. I promised myself that I was going to do this for 2 years no matter what my subscriber count looked like. Now I’m not saying this out of cliche. I actually looked at how long it took for the youtubers that I wanted to model my channel after took to get to their level of popularity, and on average, it took them 5-7 years. They started with 0 followers, but through the years, they got better and better, and so people started to watch more and more.

Matthew Hussey’s first video was made 7 years ago. And after 388 more videos, today he has 900K subscribers.

Greg O’ Gallager, founder of KinoBody, he also started 7 years ago.f And after 495!!! videos, he has over 300K subscribers.

So when I say look at your future objectively, I mean make sure you have all the facts. Do not just define your future through only what you know. Your future literally depends on it. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as overnight success, especially when it comes to the type of success that I want.

If you want something truly meaningful. If you want to really make a difference. I’ll see you at work. Everyday. For the next 7 years.

It’s that simple,



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