You are what You put up With

When it comes to me, I am a pretty predictable person. I get bored of things very easily. When I am interested in something, I am usually obsessed. And the same goes for larger patterns in life, which will be the focus of today’s post. The larger pattern that I am talking about today is school. More specifically, I am talking about the start of a new semester.

When I start a new semester, I am usually very focused and motivated to do well on my classes. I started school in the last weeks of August, and strangely, I did not feel the same passion or mental rigor to tackle my classes. I felt a little more tired, a little less motivated, and a lot less myself. Now important reminder and life lesson here is, You are what you put up with.

You are what you put up with.

And I decided that I was not going to allow myself to stay in this funk. And so I followed my basic protocol, work out and eat healthy. Before I tried to fix anything, I needed to make sure that it was not some sort of imbalance within my own body. This alone reduced about 60% of my symptoms.

The next step was to tackle the obvious problems that were bothering me. One of the biggest ones was the fact that my scholarships, grants, and financial aid did not get through, and so I was at risk of getting kicked out of school. And so, I bummed rushed the problem, and did what I could to keep my butt in school. This alleviated another huge portion.

However, there was still something wrong. I still felt like I was lacking something. I felt depressed and lonely. And although I had my friends to hang out with, I knew that I would still be alone at the end of the day. And so, I turned my situation into an opportunity.

A lot of people would feel trapped, lost, and feel like there was nothing to do. This is just a perspective. You can always change it. I felt like my depression or my mental state was something that I could never overcome. But since I decided that I was not going to allow myself to stay in that position, since I decided that I was not going to put up with a lesser version of myself, I decided that my perspective needed to change.

And so, instead of looking at my situation as an inevitable loneliness that could not be dealt with, I said to myself that this was an opportunity to learn how to be by myself again. All of a sudden, my life had direction. Where at first it was the inevitable loneliness that awaited me at home, it then transformed into an opportunity to overcome a weakness.

If I accepted my depression as inevitabilities, instead of opportunities, nothing would have changed. People stay depressed, because depression forces you to see closed doors. But you forget that you are staring at a door, and a door opens. All you have to do is remind yourself that you have a choice to get up and go through that door. Now of course this is easier said then done, but don’t you think you deserve to be happy no matter how much you will have to work for it?

You are with what you put up with. So make sure you only accept your best self.

It’s that simple,

Sam Choi


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