How to Stop the Numbness

I recently realized that a defense mechanism of mine is to make myself go numb during times of emotional pain. It was something that I did as a child, and so it has become something I fell back on. The only bad part was that although I wouldn’t feel any pain or sadness, I would equally not feel any joy or happiness.

I hadn’t realized that I did this before, and so I was just left wandering why I was not as happy as I could be. And this realization made me wonder if there were a lot of people out there that did the same thing I did, and frankly, still do. And even if there was only one other person that this post could help, I think that makes this post worth it. So… here is how I will get over the numbness.

First thing is to stop the numbing process.

So, when you encounter the hard times, do not allow yourself to do what you usually do and go numb. Force yourself to deal with your feelings. A good way to start is by getting rid of the distractions(TV, netflix, laptops, everything), and taking out a notepad. Write down how you feel. Try to figure yourself out. Remember, if you read my last post then you should know that figuring yourself out is much easier said then done, and it will take a lot of time. Be consistent. Alot time for you to write down your thoughts and analyze your emotions and the next steps you are going to take to get over your problems.

Second, do not stop until you are over it.

Keep going. Keep finding and taking new paths to improving/healing yourself.

It’s that simple,



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