How to look Pretty without Makeup

How to look Pretty without makeup

Probably not what you were expecting when you clicked this. A guy.

Before you click away, think of why most women put on makeup. Especially if you think this is a man’s world, then you are putting it on for us, guys.

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about make up.

As I was doing some research on youtube videos, I stumbled across a popular search term that made me deeply sad, and it is the title of this youtube video. How to look Pretty without makeup.

The reason why it made me so sad is because the search term itself reveals everything I hate about makeup.

Make up is suppossedly empowering, but all it does is make women insecure. There is a metaphor for life, and it talks about how there are 2 ways to be strong. You can either build a wall to protect yourself, or face life and grow from the conflict. The only problem with the first option is that you atrophy from the lack of peril.  

And that’s what makeup does. The first time a girl puts on makeup, it is empowering, like a wall. That’s why most women say that, because they remember a time when they felt empowered.

And then what happens? The wall that empowered them makes them weaker, because they no longer rely on themselves and so they no longer grow. And instead they slowly depend on this wall more and more. The girl starts to continue to wear make up. And after a while, the sense of empowerment disappears, and dependency takes it place. Like a drug, girls get enticed and trapped. And the wall requires more and more, because the person is weak.


In the past, makeup was something that girls were not allowed to wear until they were old enough. And I believe we as a society forgot why that was a rule, not because the women did not want their daughters to look better than them, but because we wanted to make sure our daughters were mature enough, ready to use a tool, instead of the tool using them.

Women become insecure without makeup, because you are literally taking away the walls that they have built since God knows how long.

But do you want to know how to become strong. Do you want to know the secret to looking pretty without makeup? I bet you know the answer already, but it’s too daunting and scary and so you’re hoping for some positive easy way/shortcut. Sorry, not on this channel.

There is no secret. There is no shortcut.

If you want to look pretty without makeup, it starts with not wearing makeup.

You are going to feel ugly. You are going to feel like shit. It is going to be embarrassing, it is going to be hell. But guess what? You’ll get use to it. I know it’s not going to happen in 1 day, or a week, but I know it’s going to take less than 6 months.

But why will this make you pretty without makeup?

Let’s dissect what it means to be pretty? Is insecurity pretty? Persistent insecurity no, but if someone that is insecure but then egged on to be secure, yes. But since this is a persistent insecurity, by forcing yourself to get over the insecurity, you will no longer have the unattractive quality of persistent insecurity, and you will be much more attractive, and therefore pretty.

Now since you do not have a quick fix drug like make up to instantly make you look superfically more pretty, will you have to look for other ways to improve? Absolutely.

If you deny yourself makeup, you will find other ways to look pretty. What are some of those ways? How about eating healthy? Working out regularly? Drinking higher quantities of water? Learning about healthy and fitness to improve your figure and skin. Absolutely.

Since you deny yourself the ability to look at the short-term, you force yourself to look at the long-term. If you want a start, you should start looking up a scientist named Dr. Rhonda Patrick, although she has a lot of specialties, one of her areas is longevity, and so I think that is an amazing start.

And guess what, I bet you already have your own strategies to long term improvement, but never had the adequate push to execute them, because you always had make up to do the job(poorly I might add).

So if you want to look pretty without makeup, besides sunblock and lotion, just stop wearing makeup. Everything else will come along during the process. Now if you need someone to keep you accountable, subscribe to my youtube channel, and join my facebook group. I reply to every message. Every MESSAGE. This is something that I am very passionate about, and I would love to help you in anyway possible.

It’s that simple,

Sam Choi


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